As Oklahomans, severe weather is nothing new, but that doesn’t make life in tornado alley any easier. High winds, hail, rain and flying debris can cause significant damage to our roofs, with some roofs being replaced several times during its predicted lifetime.

It might be time for an impact-resistant roof!

Impact-resistant shingles differ from ordinary shingles in that they are constructed of a rubberized, flexible, polymer layer that strengthens its ability to resist the force of impact. These types of shingles are rated Class 4, which is the highest rating a shingle can receive, and is the most resistant to damage.

What does this mean for you?

Less damage, cheaper home insurance and fewer headaches as a homeowner. In fact, according to State Farm Insurance, you can receive up to a 28% discount on your homeowners insurance with this type of roof. An incredible savings, especially with normal homeowner rates consistently on the rise. And now that impact-resistant roofing is becoming more mainstream, its price difference from normal roofing materials is minimal.

While this type of roofing isn’t fool proof – it can reduce roof damage by up to 50%. It also has a 50 year or lifetime warranty available, a vast improvement over the typical 25 year warranty included with a normal roof.

So now that spring is here, be prepared with an Impact-Resistant Roof from OK Roofing.

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